Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Call by Mina Ahedi in support of June 20th

The Islamic Republic in Iran demands that the world forget the hundreds of thousands of political prisoners who are being barbarically tortured and executed. Prison officials do not allow the prisoners to contact anyone from the outside world, in particular International human rights groups or activists. Numerous prisoners have been sentenced to death for simply trying to contact someone outside prison. Why does the Islamic Regime not allow access to these prisoners? Why are they silenced so brutally? That is why we need to have every one of their voices heard on June 20th.

. June 20th is the day to have the voices of the political prisoners in Iran heard worldwide. On this day, we shall stand up for these prisoners. We shall voice our disgust for the Fascist Islamic Regime of Iran. On this day, we call on you to join us across the globe to fight for the freedom of these innocent political prisoners.

June has become the bloodiest month during the Islamic Regime’s reign of terror. In this month, the Islamic Republic stole Iran’s revolution; for which the people had arduously fought to overthrow the Pahlavi dictatorship. In order to take over the revolution fully and declare power, the regime viciously attacked the young revolutionaries, hunted all those who opposed it on the streets, and created terror amongst the citizens. In this period Iran began to bleed due to mass arrests, tortures and executions. Thousands upon thousands of children lost their parents by the firing squads. Thousands of parents lost their children by the hangman’s noose. Families never had a chance to even say goodbye and no one saw the bodies of their loved again. This was and is Iran’s Holocaust. June 20th is the anniversary of the devastation of the people of Iran.

Presently in Iran, the slightest criticism of the government and its leaders is met with arrest, unbearable torture and execution under the Islamic Regime. These prisoners are arrested for standing up for their rights and the rights of others. They are tortured for simply saying “NO” to the dictatorship of the regime. They are women’s rights advocates, union seeking trade workers, lawyers defending prisoners, human rights activists, writers, artists, and young students. Iran’s prisons are overcrowded with prisoners who are being tortured as these lines are being written. We would like to ask everyone, everywhere in the world to hear their screams and to help free them from tyranny.

Since Iran executes one political prisoner every three hours, it is most important that protests be held across the globe to strongly condemn these executions and to speak out against this lawless and criminal regime. We must scream our objection to this murderous regime and we must object to its very existence. We must support these prisoners and their dear families who suffer with them. We must speak for these dear victims and hold those responsible for such crimes against humanity accountable.

Support June 20th; The International Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran.

Be their voice.

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