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تظاهرات در دفاع از زندانيان سياسى
شنبه ٢٩ ژانویه
نه به زندان و شكنجه و اعدام
جان زندانيان سياسى در معرض خطر جدى قرار دارد
رژيم اسلامى از هر طريق ممكن و بيش از پيش زندانيان سياسى و خانواده هايشان را تحت فشار گذاشته است۔

جعفر كاظمى, زینب جلالي زاده, زهرا بهرامى, حبيب لطيفى, محمد علی آقایی, يوسف رشيدى, تنها تعداى از كسانى هستند كه در خطر اجراى حكم اعدام قرار دارند۔ اين ليست ادامه دارد . . . . . . . . . . . . .
تا حال با اعتراض و مبارزه براى آزادى زندانيان سياسى و توقف اعدامها توانسته ايم رژيم را وادار به عقب نشينى كنيم و تنها با ادامه اين مبارزه است كه ميتوانيم جان زندانيان سياسى را نجات دهيم۔
روز شنبه ٢٩ ژانويه ٢٠١١ در دفاع از زندانيان سياسى يكصدا در مقابل سفارتخانه هاى رژيم اسلامى, مراكز عمومى وميادين شهر تجمع ميكنيم۔ و هر چه رساتر صداى زندانيان سياسى را به گوش جهانيان ميرسانيم و اعلام ميكنيم:
احكام اعدام هر چه سريعتر ملغى بايد گردد!

زندانيان سياسى فورى و بدون قيد و شرط آزاد بايد گردند!

تماس با كميته مبارزه براى آزادى زندانيان سياسى براى تظاهرات در كشورهاى زير:

لندن انگلستان

شنبه ٢٩ ژانویه، ساعت ٢ تا ٤ بعدازظهر، میدان ترافالگار

Trafalgar Square, North Terrace, National Gallery مقابل

تلفن تماس: عليرضا رشيدى: 07515732665

سوئد- استکهلم

٢٩ ژانویه ساعت ٢ تا ٤ در میدان سرگل

تلفن تماس: ممد اميرى : 0737801510


شنبه |٢٩ ژانویه، ساعت ٢ تا ٤ بعدازظهر

محل: تقاطع یانگ و دانداس، مقابل در اصلی ایتون سنتر

تلفن تماس: رامين ژوبين 6478629472


شنبه ٢٩ ژانویه، ساعت ١ تا ٢ بعدازظهر مقابل سفارت جمهوری اسلامی

ساعت ٢ و نیم تا ٣ و نیم در محل وزارت امور خارجه نروژ

تلفن تماس: ابولقاسم كاردار : 041333268

دنهاگ- هلند

جمعه ٢٨ ژانویه، ساعت ٣ تا ٥ بعدازظهر مقابل پارلمان هلند

تلفن تماس: یلدا بیرام 0031650994005

هامبورگ- آلمان

تلفن تماس: پدرام رضازاده 017648325613

ليست تظاهراتها در ساير كشورها:


Action day to support political prisoners in Iran

Saturday 29 January 2011

Tens of political prisoners are in danger of being executed

The Islamic regime in Iran have started a new wave of execution, tens of political prisoners have been sentence to death, many more are in danger of being executed, and the following names are only a few of them.

Political prisoners Jafar Kazemi, Zeinab Jalali, Zahra Bahrami, Habib Latifi, Mohamad Ali Aghaee, Yousef Rashidi, Mohsen and Ahmad Daneshpour are in imminent danger of being executed. Their execution sentences can be carried out at any moment.

The only way to stop the Islamic regime of Iran from executing prisoners is by gathering an international support for these prisoners. Sakineh Ashtiani’s life has been so far saved because of the collective effort of thousands of people all around the world.

At the moment hundreds of political prisoners are being tortured every day and their lives are in a grave danger, their families have been threatened or arrested for publicising the news about their loved one in prison.

People in Iran need your support; No matter where you are, you can be the voice of a political prisoner in Iran and put pressure on the regime to stop execution and torture.

If the political prisoners and their families have been silence by torture, imprisonment, threat and harassment, then you can be their voices.

Join us on

Saturday 29 January 2011

Political prisoners and their families need your support.

Together we can make a difference.

Join us on demonstrations in different cities listed below:

UK- London

Saturday 29 January, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Trafalgar Square, North Terrace, outside of the National Gallery

Contact CFPPI: Alireza Rashidi on 07515732665

Sweden -Stockholm

Saturday 29 January, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Sergel Plaza

Contact CFPPI: Mamad Amiri on 0737801510

Canada – Toronto

Saturday 29 January, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Yonge St. and Dundas St

In front of the Eaton Centre

Contact CFPPI: Ramin Joubin on 6478629472

Norway- Oslo

Saturday 29 January, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

In front of the embassy of the Islamic regime of Iran in Oslo

Saturday 29 January, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
In front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo

Contact CFPPI: Abolghasem Kardar on 041333268

The Netherlands- The Hague

In front of the Parliament

Friday 28 January, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Contact CFPPI: Yalda Beiram on 0031650994005

Germany- Hamburg

Contact CFPPI: Pedram Rezazadeh on 017648325613

To see the list of demonstration in other cities see:

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